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lcome to the Business Enterprise Network (BEN) site, your gateway to Penn's web-based financial systems and related information and services. Access to the systems is limited to authorized University staff and faculty.

BEN Financials : Core financial system providing purchasing (BEN Buys), payables (BEN Pays), assets (BEN Assets) and general ledger (BEN Balances) functions. Please check for advisories and useful suggestions for using BEN Financials (Last Updated: 12/03/2015). Additional details on the new BEN Billing and Receivables modules and data is available here.

The BEN Financials system is currently unavailable.
The times of availability are:
    7:00 am through 8:00 pm
    Monday through Saturday

BEN Reports: System is no longer available. However, the reports are still available in the following locations:

Research Reports (AIS Online, Protocol Status, PD Pipeline, PD Grants.Gov, GRAM)
  • The Reporting link on the Penn ERA left menu will lead you to links to launch new versions of the AIS Online, Protocol Status and PD Pipeline reports.
    • GRAM will also be linked to this location, but will remain unavailable for a few days as we transition authentication mechanisms to the new launch page
Finance (General Ledger and BEN Assets), Facilities Work Requests, Salary Management Reports and ISC Billing Reports
  • Data is available to be queried in the Data Warehouse using BusinessObjects
  • Reports are now available in the BusinessObjects repository (BEN Reports folder)

BEN Deposits : System for submitting deposits electronically to the Cashier's Office, and tracking deposit information.

The application is available:
Monday through Saturday, 8am-8pm.

Please do not attempt to logon to BEN Deposits during other timeframes.


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